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Name Asai Germanium Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Head office 1-1-1, Manpukuji, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 215-0004, Japan
Tel: +81-44-954-2101/Fax: +81-44-954-2066
Hakodate factory
and research laboratory
3-131, Suzuranoka-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 042-0958, Japan
Tel: +81-138-32-0032/Fax: +81-138-32-0620
Established December 1975
Business purpose Research and development, and manufacturing and distribution of organic/inorganic compound
Capital 10 million Japanese Yen
President Shosaku Shikaki
Employee 31(Asai group as of January 2020)
Bank of account MUFG Bank, Ltd., Seijo Branch
The Johnan Shinkin Bank, Kinuta Branch

Asai Germanium Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Corporate philosophy

Based on our compassionate research activities centered on Asaigermanium, we will create new health values that can contribute to society while enhancing the lives of all involved with Asaigermanium.

Company policy

Living a healthy life is a key issue facing every society.
Many years of research have proved that “Asaigermanium” is a chemical substance that improves the health of living beings.
We can contribute to boost everyone’s health through new innovative self-care values we propose – a first in the world of research business activities.

Brochure of Asaigermanium

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